Bacon and Gammon

Bursting with flavour, our bacon and gammon comes from only selected suppliers mainly in the UK, Denmark or The Netherlands. Animals are reared in strict accordance with the highest standards of welfare and fed a wholesome, natural diet; we guarantee this is some of the best quality bacon and gammon you can buy. 

Sweet and Full of Flavour

The most delicious flavours are gained from the unique mix of salt, sugar and spices used in the curing process. Our bacon keeps its flavour, size and shape because we don't pump it full of additional salt and water.

Sliced or whole, select from a wide range of dry-cured back bacon, middle bacon, smoked bacon and plain or smoked streaky bacon as well as our best quality gammon steaks (raw or pre-cooked), whole green gammon, smoked boned and rolled gammon and ready to cook gammon.