Veg and Chips

Vegetable Varieties

No meal would be complete without a decent helping of nutritious vegetables and here, at McWilliam, we provide only the best that nature has to offer.

We stock a delicious array of vegetable accompaniments and side dishes to satisfy a wide range of tastes. Mixed vegetables and baby carrots, cut green beans and sweetcorn. Cauliflower and broccoli florets, not to forget our medium sprouts. We supply diced swedes to accompany your haggis or pudding options and, to cap it off, we have pub grub-style battered onion rings and golden crumb garlic mushrooms, a surefire hit with dinner guests of all types.

Our vegetables are ideal for striking the right kind of balance for your hearty balanced meat-based meal selection.

Our Chips Are Never Down

At McWilliam, the only way is up. Our chips incorporate the finest, tastiest, healthiest varieties in the entire country. Sample our standard classic Fairway chips or, for something special, try our Kizer chips. For kids, our shoe string chips are a guaranteed winner.